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Fitness and Wellness

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years, both modeling, managing clubs and personal training.

My focus has been on natural physique sculpting and weight loss. Currently, I work in finance, understanding all too well the difficulties of remaining in shape while balancing work, family and the associated daily stresses. 

My approach to fitness is based on incorporating the right dietary and exercise habits into a hectic schedule.

The old Latin phrase, mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body, depicts my core training philosophy, which includes maximizing physical results while establishing long-term fitness and well-being.  

This approach focuses on dietary habits and exercise practices that bring about the best results with the end goal of maintaining a healthy, fit and strong body for a lifetime. 

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I began training at 15 years old with the goal of sculpting myself naturally into a well-balanced physique. Through persistence in my training, consistency in my performance and attention to my dietary needs, I was able to naturally achieve that goal.

The best part of a healthy lifestyle is that there is always room for improvement, and that aspect continues to keep it exciting.

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Chalkboard with Different Languages


I am fluent in several languages and can communicate and assist in the following:

  • English

  • Français (French)

  • Italiano (Italian)

  • Español (Spanish)

  • Português (Portuguese)

  • Deutsch (German)

  • Română (Romanian)

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