Drop excess body fat in just 10 weeks in this ready-to-go program packed with explosive workouts to burn up excess body fat.


Comprised of 2 phases, the Fat-Blaster program incorporates weight training, cardio, high-intensity interval training ("HIIT") and various forms of conditioning to target body fat from all angles and truly rev up metabolic performance. This program increases in intensity in the second phase, ensuring that your body is constantly stimulated.


All programs include calf-building routines that can be tacked on to workouts. 


Duration: 10 weeks


Note: This program does not include a meal plan. Please see Online Coaching for one-on-one personal training. 

Fat-Blaster Program

    • 10-week program comprised of two 5-week phases
    • Daily workouts broken out by tempo, sets, reps, etc.
    • Weight training, cardio, HIIT and lactate/alactate conditioning
    • Tips on proper form
    • Calf-muscle routines
    • Personal fitness log
    • Access to the trainer via email