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Muscle-Blaster Program

Muscle-Blaster Program

Maximize muscle growth in just 10 weeks with this program, packed with rigorous workouts to stimulate muscle growth.


Comprised of 2 phases, the Muscle-Blaster program is designed to stimulate muscle growth by targeting each muscle group multiple times per week, from a variety of exercises. This program moves from rigorous full-body workouts in the first phase, to more specialized training in the second phase to truly tear up each muscle group in order to stimulate the maximum amount of muscle growth & repair. 


All programs include calf-building routines that can be tacked on to workouts.


Duration: 10 weeks


Note: This program does not include a meal plan. Please see Online Coaching one-on-one personal training.


    • 10-week program comprised of two 5-week phases
    • Daily workouts broken out by tempo, sets, reps, etc.
    • Videos on proper form
    • Calf-muscle routines
    • Personal fitness log
    • Access to the trainer via email


    • Improved musculature
    • Increased strength

    This program is designed for trainees with some training/gym experience. Anyone with pre-existing conditions or limited-to-no experience with strength training should first consult with his physician and then consult with the program designer, who may be contacted here.

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