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Form Trumps Weight, Every Time

May 21, 2017




Ineffective weight-lifting routines are demoralizing and destructive. The most effective way to maximize your workouts is through proper form. The biggest mistake, which novices often make, is to rapidly increase weight to achieve a sense of growth and success. While it is important to increase weight in resistance training over time, rapid increases with poor form lead to ineffective training and could result in injury. Heavy resistance in weight-training programs is important to help stimulate certain muscle fibers, increase testosterone production and rev up metabolism, but you will experience diminishing returns if that heavier weight in not coupled with a proper range of motion. 


Form is the foundation of proper training. If it is excellent, there should be little to no joint/tendon inflammation afterward. These are usually the first warning signs of improper training. For example, a weight-lifter doing a 145 lb deadlift with proper form will have far greater success and results than one doing a 300 lb deadlift improperly. The former will have better muscle activation and will be less likely to experience an injury. 


If you are unsure about an exercise, range of motion or piece of gym equipment, research videos online to see the proper form. Also, start out light, and slowly increase the resistance as your practice improves over the course of the exercise. You will find faster results and less ancillary pains than your counterparts. 


For more information related to proper form and effective resistance-training exercises, contact the author here.

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