Food Is Your Friend: 5 Tips for a Healthier Diet

May 28, 2017

Many people avoid exercise altogether, for a variety of reasons, such as schedule, no personal desire or injury. While exercise itself expedites the success of your physical goals, there are other methods that you can employ.


Diet is the essence of your overall physique; as the old adage goes, you are what you eat. Therefore, there are ways to achieve your physical goals through proper eating. This article breaks down 5 useful tips of maneuvering your diet to see success.

  1. Low-Carb Mornings

    If you're looking to lose weight, cut carbohydrates (e.g. toast, waffles, etc.) out of your morning meal, or keep them very low. Focusing on a morning meal, high in protein and healthy fats, will both be satiating and allow your metabolic function to target body fat. The body awakens in a catabolic state, wherein it begins to eats away muscle tissue as an energy source. This is because you've gone 6-8 hours of fasting, and your body is craving nutrients (i.e. "break your fast" at breakfast). By nourishing your body with fats and protein (e.g. eggs), your metabolism will divert from consuming muscle tissue to consuming body fat. Essentially, in layman's terms, satiating your metabolism with a high-protein breakfast will redirect it to target body fat, because no rapidly-absorbing carbohydrates are being introduced. 

  2. Big Lunch, Little Dinner

    Your metabolism is at its peak efficiency in the afternoon and begins to slow as the day ends. Therefore, the ideal time to consume carbohydrates is around lunchtime or a midday snack. This time of day will allow your metabolism to process the carbohydrates as efficiently as possible without storing them as fat. Dinners should be smaller than lunch with far fewer carbohydrates, because your metabolism slows as the evening progresses and is unable to process carbohydrates as efficiently as in the afternoon. This leads to a greater likelihood of fat accrual. If you find yourself very hungry at dinner-time, fill your dinner with a lot of greens and fibrous foods. They will satiate your appetite and keep your carbohydrate count low. 

  3. Drink Water

    People tend to not drink a lot of water during the day. It is either replaced with a sugary beverage or just not consumed at all. Water is fundamental for both bodily and metabolic function, and low-water consumption has many harmful effects. Make sure to drink about 8 glasses a day. 

  4. Still Hungry? Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet

    Nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats, and there have been studies in which almond butter has been found to increase metabolic function/fat burning. The wonder of nuts and similar fatty foods is that fat is more difficult for the body to break down, so it gives the effect of feeling fuller. Not all fat sources are alike, so make sure that your fat sources are from nuts, olives (olive oil), salmon, etc. and not from fast-food (which actually has the opposite effect). 

  5. Food Is Your Friend

    Many dieters feel that food is the enemy and often development an unhealthy relationship, in which they either drastically cut food down or binge-eat. Neither approach is healthy in the long-run. You should look at food as an integral part of your life, because it is. Always take the approach of moderation when it comes to food, as one extreme can lead to the other. By looking at food as an integral part of your life and not the enemy, you begin to see it through a new lens. You control your diet; it does not control you. Therefore, applying a lens of moderation to your daily consumption will lead to a healthier mentality with food altogether. 

Your body is your friend, and depending on how you treat it, it will respond in-kind. If you tackle your diet with a non-daunting approach, such as through minor tweaks over time to maximize your body's efficiency, you'll begin to see physical results greatly to your benefit.


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