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Series: Develop Your Diet

July 16, 2017

Often, coaches, trainers and people in general will constantly pound away on the theme diet, diet, diet, diet when it comes to muscle growth or fat loss. Diet is, in fact, the most critical component of changing any physique; however, there is more to it than mindlessly repeating the word or creating catchy phrases.


For the next several weeks, this series, Develop Your Diet, will look at dieting through a 3-pronged approach. In order to improve the results of dieting, one must break it down and look at it through the following lens:

  1. Macro-nutrient Tracking is comprised of daily protein, carbohydrate and fat targets. This type of nutritional tracking should be an overall guideline to set your dietary goals on a daily basis.

  2. Nutritional Sustenance is the next level below Macro-nutrient Tracking, relating to the types of foods consumed that make up macro-nutrient calculations. 

  3. Meal Timing is the most dynamic level of proper dieting. It relates to the timing of consuming certain foods in order to maximize their benefits over the course of a day and a week. For example, depending on your dietary and physical goals, certain types of foods will work best for you at certain times of the day.


Stay tuned for next week's article, in which Macro-Nutrient Tracking will be discussed.

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