Transform with a Training Log

October 8, 2017


It’s difficult to remember, on a weekly basis, the exercises, sets, reps and weights that you complete. This causes confusion and inefficiency in training programs such as weight training, cardio work, HIIT or cross-fit. A training or workout log changes all that.


Here’s my personal story:


When I used to begin a new program, I would have a print-out or a screenshot of it on my phone to follow at the gym until I could remember it on my own. However, after 6 weeks or so, I would either deviate from the program or become bored with it in its entirety. I did not record my daily workouts. My real success was driven from recording my daily foods and maintaining a proper diet, more than it was driven from my weight training.


That changed 6 months ago. I purchased a workout log, in which I could write my planned exercises, the number of sets/reps and then record the weight associated with each set. I also recorded the time that my workout began and finished, the success of that particular workout and the number of days on that program. Eventually, I used the log even more dynamically, as at the end of each exercise, I would log if the weight should be increased, decreased or remain the same for the following week when I complete that routine again. 

This has made a fundamental difference in my physical results. My strength has greatly improved, and I’ve been able to sculpt my body into what it is today.


Like a dietary log, a training log forces consistency, accountability and adaptability in training. This can be applied to cross-fit, HIIT and even cardio. When planning my training session for the day, I refer back to the same training session the week prior and can make the right adjustments to maximize the success of my workout that day. This makes all the difference.


The best piece of advice that I could give to someone, looking to gain/lose weight or build muscle, is to use a dietary log and training log. I prefer old-school training logs with pen and paper, whereas I use MyFitnessPal for my diet as it’s easier to look up foods and have the macro-nutrients auto-calculate.


I’m only about 30% through my current program, but these logs have made a world of difference.

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