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Online Personal Trainer vs. Gym Trainer

August 22, 2018

The right personal trainer can be a life-changer, but what is the benefit of working with an online trainer versus a gym trainer?




Gym trainers tend to have a club affiliation, wherein additional fees are layered. This causes training packages to be costly and rigid, as gym packages are based on the number of sessions versus the quality of the package.


Online personal training is cost effective and allows greater flexibility in its customization options. Training programs range from simple workout plans to comprehensive workout & diet programs as well as in-depth interactions with a trainer. This allows for greater customization in choosing the right package for the right price.




Unless specifically requested, getting the right gym trainer is luck-of-the-draw. Clubs will usually assign a trainer after an inquiry has been made, and the client has little-to-no knowledge about the trainer, his methods, success rate, attention to clients or quality of service. For a costly package, it becomes a real shot in the dark.


Online personal trainers drive much of their business through local word-of-mouth or social media profiles. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. all give online personal trainers maximum exposure, thus giving potential clients a better feel for their online coaches, i.e. interaction, demeanor, training style, etc.




Gym trainers adhere to a daily client-schedule, and booking times quickly become sparse. This limited availability makes scheduling training sessions difficult for the client, especially after balancing work, errands and other commitments around a trainer’s already tight schedule.


Online personal training allows clients to do everything on their own time. Clients can take their customized programs with them to the gym and exercise on their own time. This means no worries about cancellations or running late for booked appointments. Clients are in charge of their exercise times and already have access to their customized programs.




Diet drives weight loss and muscle growth more than exercise itself, which is a fact that gym trainers often ignore. Gym trainers focus primarily on the exercise aspect, whereas the dietary aspect is what really drives fat loss and muscle growth. The problem: clients may spend a year with their gym trainers with little results if their diets have not changed.


Online training focuses on actually improving clients’ physiques, which means a heavy emphasis on diet. Comprehensive coaching packages include diet plans to ensure clients’ abilities to achieve their goals. This dynamism of both dietary and training plans is what yields the best results. Gym trainers focus on the exercise, while online coaching focuses on improving the body as a whole.

Online personal training is the most dependable and flexible way to achieve fitness goals. Its cost effectiveness, trainer reliability, training flexibility and dietary focus have made online personal training the forefront of getting in shape in the fitness industry.

To learn more about online personal training, contact Brian here.


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