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My Current Supplementation

October 12, 2018

I am often asked about the supplements that I use. In this piece, I am going to outline my current supplements, their benefits and links to learn more about each one.


Please note that a healthy diet is critical and should be treated as the foundation, with supplements utilized as tools to better improve your health and reach your fitness goals. 


Morning Supplementation

Upon waking, I take the following with a glass of water on an empty stomach.


Multivitamin fills any micronutrient deficiencies in my diet. I tend to avoid fruits and vegetables, so my multivitamin fills the gap.


Vitamin-C improves immune function with antioxidant properties.

Super-Greens make up for deficiencies in my vegetable and fruit intake and provide other benefits such as green superfoods, probiotics and digestive enzymes. I throw a scoop of this into my water bottle before heading out for the day.


Workout Supplementation

I do not take the following supplements on a daily basis. Read below to learn when I consume each specific one. 


Meal Replacement Protein Shake is a whey-casein protein powder that I use in lieu of meals or as a snack. This protein supplement absorbs slowly and is ideal for meal replacement or as a snack. I often have this with peanut butter for breakfast in the morning due to my tight schedule.


BCAAs, also known as branched-chain amino acids, help prevent muscle-tissue breakdown in the body, especially during extended periods of time without access to food. I consume a scoop of these during a workout. They also add a nice flavor to water.


Post-Workout Protein + Carbs are critical after training. The combination of rapidly-digesting protein & carbohydrates greatly improves muscle repair, recovery and growth. I always consume a post-workout shake (whey protein isolate + dexanhydrous carbohydrates) within 30 minutes of a training session.


Non-Caffeinated Pre-Workout is ideal for consumption for workouts near bedtime. This pre-workout does not contain caffeine, so there are no jitters. With creatine and beta-alanine, I usually consume this before shorter/lighter workouts in the evening.



Pre-Workout jump-starts my energy levels for my workout after a long day of work. I especially enjoy this pre-workout on heavy training days, when I need all the focus and strength that I can muster.


Evening Supplementation

Prior to bed, I take the following with a glass of water.



Zinc/ZMA is fundamental in boosting immunity especially during cooler months. Zinc or ZMA supplements have also been found to boost testosterone levels as well as maintain other hormonal functions in the body. I personally combine zinc and a ZMA supplement, which equals about 60 mg of zinc per night. If I'm not feeling well, I'll increase my zinc intake to up to 150 mg/day. I could not get through a winter without zinc.



Fish Oil can greatly reduce systemic inflammation as well as inflammation from exercise. My diet tends to lack fish, so fish oil fills the gap.


Vitamin D is often deficient in people in northern climates. Vitamin D maintains bone health, immune function and insulin levels. It should be paired with magnesium to receive the full benefits. 

For additional questions related to supplementation, contact the author.

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