Supp Your Way to Success: T-Boosters

August 20, 2017


Testosterone boosters ("t-boosters") are comprised of various herbs and ingredients that stimulate the body's natural testosterone production.


The Science

Growth hormone and testosterone are responsible for numerous processes in the male body, such as muscle growth, endurance, strength and lean muscle tissue. By stimulating the body to increase their production, strength, recovery and muscle growth improve. High testosterone levels lead to a more efficient increase in muscle-protein synthesis, i.e muscle building. 


T-boosters are formulated to increase luteinizing hormone, which triggers the body to naturally produce more free testosterone. Some t-boosters are even formulated to increase both free testosterone and growth hormone, the combination of which leads to an improvement in growth, strength, sense of vitality and fat-burning. 


T-boosters are not the same as synthetic anabolic steroids or pro-hormones, which are essentially synthetic compounds that are added to the body from an external source. Steroids and pro-hormones do not increase natural testosterone production; they synthetically add these hormones to the body (in layman's terms). These substances actually result in the opposite effect of t-boosters, causing the body's natural testosterone production to dramatically decline as outside synthetic hormones replace the body's.


The Right Supplementation

The market is flooded with t-boosters, making it difficult to determine which one is the most effective. Most t-boosters are comprised mainly of Fenugreek, an herb that has been found in studies to increase free testosterone. However, Fenugreek alone tends to have little impact; therefore, many of these products are ineffective. 


1st Phorm's Primal Pack consists of 3 supplements that work in tandem to maximize the body's natural testosterone production and growth hormone release. The pack includes:

  • Primal-T stimulates free testosterone production and growth hormone release.

  • Conquest HD is comprised of D-Aspartic Acid and Agmatine, which are found to elevate testosterone levels by 42% in 12 days on average.

  • Night-T is the nighttime component of the pack that aids in sleep quality as well as stimulating free testosterone and growth hormone. Sleep quality is critical when it comes to muscle repair. 

The combination of these 3 powerful products should yield impressive results, as each supplement makes up where another lacks. This tends to be the biggest problem with single t-booster supplements, so the Primal Pack combination solves any deficiencies altogether.

For free shipping on Primal Pack, click here.


1st Phorm offers 110% guarantee on all its online supplements. 

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