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Supp Your Way to Success: Perfect Protein Matrix

June 21, 2017

If you're ever looking for an on-the-go, satisfying snack, try a sustained-assimilating protein shake.



Protein shakes come in various forms, from rapidly-absorbing to slower-digesting. This has to do with the type of protein that comprises the shake. Sustained-assimilating protein powders are comprised of multiple protein sources, usually a whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, casein protein and egg-white protein. Due to the variety of sources in a sustained-assimilating protein powder, a shake will absorb into your system as varying rates. For example, whey protein isolates and concentrates absorb more quickly than casein or egg-white protein. By incorporating multiple types of protein in a powder, a sustained-assimilating protein shake will keep you both satisfied and your metabolism active for hours after consumption.



1st Phorm's Level-1 Matrix is an ultra bio-available sustained-assimilation protein formula that is comprised of the following:

  • Cross-flow micro-filtrated whey protein isolate.

  • Low-temperature micro-filtrated whey protein concentrate.

  • Low-temperature processed milk protein concentrate.

  • Pure egg whites.

  • Sodium caseinate.

The Level-1 Matrix is designed to mimic the same protein-assimilation rates of whole foods, whereas a post-workout shake is meant to rapidly assimilate. 1st Phorm also only uses proteins that have been processed at low-temperatures, which keeps the protein molecule from becoming denatured. The same concept can be applied to cooking meat: a slowly-cooked meat will be of better quality than meat quickly cooked at high temperatures (e.g. grill).


Level-1 is also rich in glutamine, which improves the muscles' ability to deal with daily physical stresses. This, along with high-quality amino acids, will keep your metabolism active for hours after consumption (i.e. anabolism). Level-1 is the ideal replacement for fatty snacks such as chips or sweets. Between the available flavors, high-quality protein and protein matrix, you'll reap the benefits of an active metabolism while feeling satiated at the same time!

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1st Phorm offers a 110% guarantee on all its online products. 

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